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Get to Know Your Therapist

     I want to work with you and your relationships to improve your connections. Our connections are the foundation of life. As a black woman and a child of Haitian and Jamaican immigrants, I have unique experiences. Experiences may be true for many individuals with similar identities.

     I strive to create a culturally responsive therapy environment where my clients feel safe to discuss their identities, including mental health stigma, behavioral concerns, generational trauma, and other unique experiences for people of color. Creating a place for us to transform before transmitting to others, together.

Let's explore your diverse lifestyles, expressions, and experiences. To combat anxiety, infidelity, generational trauma, various stressors, and mental health stigma. I am readily available to do this with you, your kids / teens, your family, or you and your partner. I look forward to speaking with you regarding your next steps of elevation!


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     I started my mental health career in the Behavioral Service field. I practiced for 4 years as a Behavioral Therapist / RBT.

RBTs specialize in a treatment known as applied behavior analysis, or ABA, therapy. I'm really passionate about working with individuals who are neurodivergent. I worked within this community as an entry-level healthcare professional, to improve their lives as individuals with developmental disorders (i.e. Autism, ADHD) that affect behavior and socialization.

Please Note: Currently, not an active Registered Behavior Technician or practicing in ABA. 

     My ultimate goal from the mere age of 12 was to become someone's therapist. I realized oftentimes while working as a Behavioral Therapist that I wanted to explore family dynamics and increase awareness of mental health. This led me to study psychology at Florida Atlantic University (2015-2020) and obtain my Bachelors in psychology. From there, I knew I wanted to pursue higher qualifications, leading me to  Graduate School at Nova Southeastern University (2020-2022), where I earned the required clinical hours. 

     Currently, I am contracted with two private practices to provide in-person / telemedicine ( Servicing South Florida - Tamarac & Plantation area). While building my very own start-up telemedicine practice (Elevate Me Allison LLC).

      Here we are! 

Thank you for considering me for your clinical needs & I look forward to hearing from you.

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